About ASPNot.net template

> Classic ASP
> Bootstrap 4.3 (cdn or local)
> FontAwesome 5.1 (cdn or local)
> ANmaThemeBrowser (http://BoldCodes.com/?Search=ANmaThemeBrowser)
> Login as page or as modal
 signin using page or modal
> Signup as page
> Login using Email, or Linkedin
> Option to allow new users signup (with email), or not
> Account page for Users and Admins
> Admin login and password to control settings and modify files
> Admin controls users (Add, delete, edit password, etc..)
> Functions - Parts2-Fxs.asp (order as listed in function file)
 URL2Text, ThemeRead, ThemeSave
 AlertMsgHTML, File2Body, ANBSButton, ANBSInputBox, ANBSOptionBoxes, ANBSOptionWithText, ANBSTextArea, ANBSListBox, ANBSCheckbox,
 FilesIn, FilesIn_Count, GetExtension, GetFilename_noExtension, GetFilename, GetFilename_wExtension,
 ASCII_Read, ASCII_Save, CutString3, CutString, RemoveHTML
> Messaging system enhanced (Alertbox, or through URL)
> Config.Settings.inc (in Settings page), has options to change...
 > Login method (Email, Linkedin, Neither)
 > Accept new login or not
 > Make Settings and Files page public or not
 > Change jQuery, Popper, Bootstrap, and FontAwesome CSS and js calls
 > Admin and Users' lists has been moved in Config.Settings.Inc
 > We can now have unlimited number of Users and Unlimited number of Admins
 > Only restriction is that list of Admin users has to be BEFORE list of Users in Config.Settings.Inc
> List and modify files in /Assets/ folder
> Command files ready
> Embed system (Default-Embed.asp)
 /Pages/*, /T/*, /U/* and /Cmd/*
  Signin, Signup = as asp files
  About, Contact, Tree, TPage, AnotherPage, Terms = As embed txt files
> 2nd Menu, can be controlled to be displayed on certain pages
 Menu2 and Menu3


From /ReadMe.txt