iFrameBtn v20231

' Creates button that switches states (and commands)
' How to use:
' add iframe referring this file like
' < iframe height=100%100 width=100% frameborder=0 src=.... >< /iframe>
' iFrameBtn.asp?BtnID=Fav1&CmdPara1Name=UserID&CmdPara1Val=4333&CmdPara2Name=DBID&CmdPara2Val=9999&CmdPara3Name=PostID&CmdPara3Val=8888
' Fav1 ID of button BtnID
' CmdPara1Name, CmdPara1Val, CmdPara2Name, CmdPara2Val, CmdPara3Name, CmdPara3Val
' Additional parameters to be passed through Cmd file, max 3
' Will call itself to execute command, please modify according to BtnID
Sample of iFrameBtn below